Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Wife Is A Gangster (Korean Full Movie)

When Cha Eun-Jin (Shin Eun-Kyung), the right-hand woman of one of Korea’s most powerful crime families, learns that her long lost sister is terminally ill with cancer, she finds herself with no other choice but to grant her dying wish: To find a husband and settle down. Now Cha must come up with a suitable candidate for marriage and at the same time defend her turf, as it is being encroached upon by a rival crime family. But Cha’s experience with men is equal to none, therefore her subordinates are given the task of picking out her future husband, and when they literally stumble upon a civil worker named Kang (Park Sang-Myeon), they figure they’ve found a safe enough bet for their Cha. But unfortunately married life prooves itself to be a much more complicated affair that first thought, especially when you’re also living the life of a gangster and you’re trying to keep that fact hidden from your husband.
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